Why Businesses Should Still Use Facebook
Shane J
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8 Minutes
May 16, 2018

This is a topic we have been thinking about for a while, here at Provoke. Neither Lisa or I am huge fans of Facebook itself. We did conclude that almost everyone in the universe has an account. If you don’t I apologize for assuming you do, but there is also a big difference between having one and using one. That’s where we are going to start today's blog, WHY BUSINESSES should still use Facebook.

Facebook, I feel is a NECESSARY EVIL. Kind of like a bridge between generations. My kids have an account even if they don’t use it, but they use features from it like Facebook messenger or to wish a relative who doesn’t live near by a happy birthday. They send pictures to FAMILY on the other side of the continent. They would rather be using things like Instagram and snapchat then being on Facebook.

Let’s start with the core foundation of why Facebook exists: To connect people from different walks of life, schedules, nationalities, and families. THAT IS FACEBOOK in a nutshell, and with it, you can have family that is not nearby grow up alongside your family with pictures, videos and other media.

You are now asking yourself how does this relate to my statement on why business should use it?

It’s simple: you want people to BE ENGAGED and ATTACHED to your brand and company. With that comes unique challenges in an increasingly digital world. What is the one consistent media that keeps growing and maturing. You got it - Facebook.

I bet EVEN your grandparents have Facebook accounts. Your sister, your brother, your mom or dad?  So, what I am saying is everyone and their dog, cat and elephant has an account. Do you not believe that could be useful?

That’s A LOT OF EYEBALLS you can show your products and services to.

I know Facebook has BEEN IN THE NEWS a lot lately, with all the bad press about Cambridge Analytica and the misuse of your data and information. I don’t know why users are even surprised about this, but I saw this coming a mile away. We are ALWAYS GIVING PERMISSION to use our data and not even reading the agreements and just clicking OK as we want to try the latest and greatest new software that everyone is talking about!

There is even JOKES ON SOUTH PARK about how no one reads the Apple Agreement. They just click okay and what’s next you’ve agreed to become a human centiPAD. It’s so true. No one reads these agreements, so no one should be surprised.

Facebook shares, for example, are now back to pre-Cambridge Analytica prices and climbing. It was like A ROAD BUMP. They promise to change and do change some ways data is handled and BOOM, back up goes the price.

I can tell you, IN MY OPINION, Facebook is going nowhere anytime soon. It’s a part of our society. So why not use it to your businesses’ advantage?

I know I do daily. Why are you not doing the same?

Facebook is an advertiser’s DREAM PLACE. Millions of people all in one spot, it’s like fish in a barrel for a bear.  One stop shopping and you don’t really have to go elsewhere. All different TYPES of demographics together. I think that is an amazing resource! Do you not?

I will not go into any technical details in this blog, but I want to EXPLAIN some of the reasons why you should be using it for your company.

Your business can create a verified business page with all your credentials, services and INFORMATION. On this page there are options for the users to call you, message you or just read all about what your company is about. You can put up hours of operation, days you close early, and different sales that you have going on. Think about that and all the information that is available to your customer base. I cannot tell you how many times I have visited a company’s Facebook page to get just their website address and I end up looking around and getting more information.

With Facebook your company can put up posts and other things to ENGAGE your audience. You basically have a pipeline to people that are looking for a product like you sell. This is all without us even talking about paid options to help boost your audience reach!!

This is where Facebook’s core value will lie for your business ventures. Having a straight PIPELINE to your prospective audience at all hours of the day. The ability to say yes, we do that, or we can discuss your needs if you give us a call or let’s setup a meeting!

I would call that resource to be invaluable and, if used right, you can really connect with your clientele.  To me that is extremely important. Letting your clients know they are important, giving them great service and respect. Your clients will thank you for it and remember it. People YEARN FOR LOYALTY so give it to them in this new age of technology. We need to adapt with the tools at our disposal. Therefore, we believe Facebook is a great tool for business.

That is just the EVERYDAY ASPECTS that Facebook can help your company with. We will close this up there. In the future, we will address items like the Facebook Pixel, Retargeting Ads and the Facebook Business manager.

Till Next Time….