West Avenue Cider House
Shane J
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August 20, 2020

West Avenue Cider House


84 Concession Rd 8 E, 

Freelton, ON L0R 1K0

I am going to admit something. During the pandemic West Avenue Cider House was one of our favourite places. Pre-pandemic we visited their tasting area several times as they are SUPER close to our home. They have a fantastic location that is great for events, tasting and well just hanging out and getting a flight of cider on a Sunday afternoon. We wanted to take some time and thank them for their amazing Covid setup with Picnic Table pickups. Lisa and I took advantage of it often and had our favourites on Sunday afternoon in our backyard. THANK YOU. It was an amazing setup with all the safety taken care of for us.

Legend of the Fall - This one is a bit diverse in our household. This cider is basically a Spanish Style Sour Cider. It is nice and tart like grapefruit or sour cherry, which makes it extremely interesting to drink. Not too dry, but has some of the profile of the other dry ciders that West Avenue Cider House has in stock. I have had this one on two occasions now, one in the tasting room and the other in the big bottle pictured above. I love this one, but as I said it’s not necessarily Lisa’s favourite so we will be giving it two grades. Pairing this with some pork or red meat would be optimal in my opinion. Like with wine’s i feel it would bring out some of the complex flavour profiles.

Shane’s Grade: A-

Lisa’s Grade: B

Heritage Dry - This would be considered their standard cider made from the 100% Heritage apples that they planted at their location. Great flavour, almost perfectly balanced and wonderfully dry like a good English cider. I probably would be able to pair this with any meal as it is the ideal type of cider to be in our home. It’s a nice balance so it will fit in with almost anything you cook overall. Not the light refreshing patio drink some of the others that we have tasted but, a well balanced beverage. 

Grade: A

Cherriosity - I think Lisa and I can agree that this is our favourite from West Avenue Cider House. I would almost bet that we have a can or 2 currently in our refrigerator at our home. Lovely blend of cherry and apples giving it a unique flavour profile. Not as dry as the Heritage, but it hits you with a touch of sweetness for a perfect blend. If cherries and apples had a baby it would be Cherriosity for sure. In terms of pairing with food I am partial to spiced poultry to give it that sweet and spicy flavour mix. 

Grade: A+

That is our road trip for this week, we hope you have enjoyed following along so far. We have lots of plans for this segment and it will continue to grow in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned for all the fun!

Till next time...