Tall Post Craft Cider
Shane J
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July 14, 2020

Tall Post Craft Cider


1170 Hendershot Rd.
Hamilton, Ontario L0R 1P0

Welcome to the first stop for Road Trip with the Provokers. On Sunday we took you to a quaint place in an Orchard on the outskirts of Hamilton, On. We have to say we really liked this one. When you drive into the orchard, nestled a few hundred yards from the road you will see a cargo-like container setup with a counter with Tall Post Craft Cider painted on it.

The atmosphere was cute and rustic. At this time due to the pandemic you are unable to enter the container and are greeted at the counter by a friendly smiling person. They have all their currently available products on the counter for you to see and choose from. We picked Ruby Red, True North, and Blackberry for our 2 six packs. The lady went inside and brought us our ciders. Payment was easy and done via our cellphone. We were very appreciative of the measures they had in place and there was little to no contact by either of us. She even cleaned the counter while we were there before she put our beverages on it.

Now the ciders and how we liked them:

True North - Not my favourite of the 3 we got from Tall Post. It was just your average dry cider, so it was very enjoyable. On this day maybe I was just looking for something more, but It was not. Was it dry enough? Yes. Sweet? Not really more on the tart side. The flavour just was okay for me. Taste is very subjective to the individual and mood of the person that day. Today I am just not feeling it with the True North. Overall, this was my least favourite of the 3 we tried that day.

Grade: B

Ruby Red - I was not always a fruit cider fan but they have been growing on me. Rose style ciders have been a recent fling for me in the realm of beverages. I can say that this one I absolutely loved. A rhubarb strawberry apple infusion of flavour. I honestly could sip on this style all day. Dry and a bit tart but delicious all the way to the bottom of the bottle. We have held back our last two to savour on one of the hot days in the coming weeks. Will be buying again next time we are in the area FOR SURE!

Grade: A

Blackberry - Just when I thought I could not like this place more they hit me with Blackberry. A shot to the head full of AWESOME. I will fully admit we have none of these left and they were gone that day. Packed with flavour, tart, and a touch of sweetness. I will say that I am sad we are out of these as I could pair it with plenty of different red meats or pork. This Lisa and I fully loved. WOW. They need a round of applause for this one for sure.


A great little place to visit for a pickup to bring back to your patio to have a beverage or two while barbecuing with friends and family. Everyone should note that things like ciders are an acquired taste for some people. Some like dry, some love sweet ones. We can only give you our personal feelings on them. Lisa and I love all different types of beverages depending on what we are doing, or cooking that day. Saying that we would recommend the Blackberry 100% If you are in the Hamilton area swing on by and do yourself a favour and grab some of the Blackberry if they have any left!

Till Next Time…

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