Our Coworking Life
Shane J
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7 Minutes
August 9, 2018

We felt it fitting with today being International Coworking day that would be the perfect date and time for a blog about it. We have touched on it a bit in the past but that was all we’ve done. Going into year two of being a part of a coworking community, we felt it was no better time then NOW.


The perfect place to start is why coworking. Why not get a big fancy office or space that will be too big for our current needs? That sums it up. We only need so much space currently and we like to keep the waste down as a whole. Why pay for something we are not going to use? One day we might need the extra space or a location that allows us to grow.

But wait we already have that…

The space we are currently using has all the needs we can want to scale as we grow. What more could we ask? That totally factors into our love of the coworking model. We did the work from home model, the travel to the library and to roam around the local coffee shops. You know what those don’t have?

A community

Plain and simple, they lack a community. Our businesses all grow together, we bounce ideas off each other and we celebrate our victories together. Our companies root for each other in all aspects. We care when something happens to a member and will rally around them. We work together on projects when we can and tend to farm out items that are other companies in the community’s specialties. We never try to fully go it alone and will go out of our way to help one another.


The atmosphere is way different than that of the office spaces of old. That is a good thing. Some of us no longer can work in the very rigid office environments due to things like anxiety and other health issues. We need flexibility, and a very different vibe to make sure we perform at our optimum. The ability to work the hours we need and to come and go as our day dictates. We love that a lot of these facilities are accessible 24hrs a day, 7days a week.

I’ve written about my issues and battles with anxiety in several of our previous blogs. I know these issues are not going anywhere and I need to adapt to deal with them. For me they are a deal breaker and I need the flexibility to deal with anything life might throw at me. I know that it will never be cured or made to magically disappear so, why not find alternative solutions. Coworking environment has helped ease me back into the world I love and hate at the same time.


Starting out in a coworking office does have lots of benefits. You are not rent poor on a place to work to start with. You also are not working out of your house where sometimes things can get really distracting. Those with children of various ages will understand fully what I mean. I love my kids to death but if I honestly tried to do school work, or any type of work with them in the house I’d never get anything done at all.

Having a coworking desk or space to work out of allows you to pack up and go somewhere that likeminded individuals are trying to do EXACTLY what you are doing. Get a project finished on time, complete an assignment or pay the bills with your hard work. Some have access hours that you must abide by but the majority we looked at had 24/7 access to the facilities.

When you get down to it what do you need more than a desk, a comfy chair and some internet to do your work. That’s what we all need. Others need more services but that’s up to them.  We don’t need them. We need a spot to do our work from. A place that we can grow as entrepreneurs and grow in our skills.

A place where we are not judged for what has happened to us in the past. A desk and chair to create what we love. No one cares that you have anxiety, cancer, asthma or even walk with a cane. That stuff is not important. Odds are you look around that room and you will see others that have struggled with things just like you have. Now they are succeeding at their chosen professions. They are smiling, enjoying what they do and no worries of judgement.

Coworking is where we go to find our niche. To grow as people and have a chance to grow something special. Something we helped build. Its more than just a place to work. It’s a place to network and belong. That’s why it’s a Coworking Life.

Till Next Time…