Life sometimes makes itself known
Shane J
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July 19, 2018

Been a while since I been able to do one of these blogs. At PROVOKE we had to deal with a tragedy in our community. I am not going into any specifics but, it made doing our job a little MORE DIFFICULT. It made us REALIZE that no matter how important work and money is there is always things that are more important.

I am talking about friends and family. On a personal level my life has been filled with enough EMOTIONS to make the sky openly weep. This is not about me however; It is about everyone of us. We’ve all suffered love and loss. It’s what MAKES US human beings, and I would not have it any other way. The saying goes I’d rather love and loss then never love at all. Same can be said about all emotions, grief, anger and sadness.

Our wide range of emotions are what distinguish us from all the other animals on this planet we call home. They give us perspective on new situations we run into in our lives. We are CONSTANTLY LEARNING and adapting based on our new insights learned from those experiences. Without our learning to adapt from these emotions we would be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. We would not be who we are now, right this moment.

Life presents challenges to us all. It shapes us right down to our core. It makes us RE-EVALUATE how we deal with simple interactions in our lives. The same can be said about minor day to day occurrences. They prepare us for the bigger albeit nastier curveballs that life will throw at us. Those curveballs however can change FUNDAMENTALLY who we are. They make us grow as a person with sometimes a swift kick to the teeth.

Now why am I saying all this?

I have had one of those fundamental shifts of behaviour and WHO I AM. Just being around something that is life changing for someone else can affect all those people who are intertwined in their lives. We all have communities and families that we are around for a large part of our days. Be you a student in college or university, in an office with coworkers or at a family gathering.

I was reminded on what was IMPORTANT by these shifts. Family and friends. THAT’S what is important to me. It always was but sometimes these get muddled with work, school and other things that make our lives sometimes super busy.

Work, school and all these things that keep us busy are important but, we sometimes let them overshadow what our CORE VALUES deems as important.

Work pays for our lifestyles. It keeps us busy. It GIVES US a sense of worth and esteem but, In my mind its just a means to an end. To help and support my family. To be able to spend time with my kids and take them on adventures. To spend these MEANINGFUL MOMENTS with family and still have all the essentials to live, to roof over our heads and feed our bodies and mind.

It also made me come to realize just how much I LOVE TO WRITE. How important it is to me.  I’ve come to decide that I will eventually be branching off a blog for anxiety. To try and help those that have suffered like me. It WON’T BE SOON, but its in the works and I will update everyone when it goes live. It also made me want to write more about what I’ve gone through during my life. Maybe IN A BOOK form. So, I can maybe help someone else that is going through something similar.

I know I am not the only one that ever goes through something. There is lots of us out there in the world. We need to keep on trucking, and most of all ACCEPT THE HELP of family and friends. They just want what is best for us.

This blog overall is a different format then normal. It’s a bit more scattered I know. I just wanted to get this out there. We at Provoke are working on many exciting new projects both as individuals and as a team. We help each other grow as individuals. To PUSH EACH OTHER to create new and complex things.

We have met a lot of wonderful people over the last year and we hope to meet many more. We will continue TO GROW with our community and friends. We have learned that while work is important to achieve our goals, Family is the root that holds us all together.

Take care and spend as much free time with them as you can!

Till next time…