Charlotteville Brewing Company
Shane J
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July 24, 2020

Charlotteville Brewing Company


1207 Charlotteville West Quarter Line,

Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K1

Welcome back to Road Trip With The Provokers and our adventures. This past week was a great trip out to Norfolk County, Ontario. When we arrived at Charlotteville Brewing Company, we immediately fell in love with its charm. The company's sign is made from an old antique wind turbine and is very noticeable from the road. As you pull into the driveway, you drive up to these beautiful old farm buildings. Talk about making an impression with us. The ambiance alone set it up for us, the beer knocked it down. We only were able to try 1 beer from this adventure, but we brought home 3 to sample at a later date. The reviews will be added as we crack them open. It should be noted that any reviews on beer are all tasted and sampled by Lisa. Shane is unable to partake in beer tasting as he is a Celiac, so he loves the cider and distillery experiences.

Middle of Nowhere - To start, this was a saison style beer that they called a farmhouse saison. For those not knowing the difference, a farmhouse saison is primarily termed from where it is brewed. They tend to have less residual sugar and higher carbonation than normal saisons. Lisa LOVED the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and as she put it full of  “awesome taste” and fruity notes. The beer was refreshing and not too hoppy in flavour. Overall a great Sunday sit in the sun kind of beer. 

Grade: B+

Stay Tuned for the other two to be added to this blog in the near future.

We loved the experience at Charlotteville Brewing Company. To start, they were full-on in their social distancing setup, plus one way in and a separate way out of the area. When we arrived there was a sign requesting that you wear a mask and use some hand sanitizer. When you enter the first farm building a lady takes your order at the bar and you are then led out to a picnic table with an umbrella. 

All future orders are taken outside and you do not generally return into that building again. 

You also have the choice to sit at these amazing tables made from repurposed farm equipment. To leave you walk through another barn where you pay for your drinks, buy merchandise and beer to bring home. Absolutely a quaint and rustic setup that charmed the heck out of us. We definitely will be returning at a later date.

Till Next Time…