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Be Outside - Adventure Brand

Be Outside is a clothing brand created for the adventurer at heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are climbing a mountain in British Columbia or doing a leisurely hike along the Bruce Trail. The message of the brand is to Be Outside and the activity is secondary.  Examples of this mentality include hiking, biking, camping, climbing or even canoeing. The client came to us with the idea of a t-shirt clothing line needing a logo and t-shirt designs. The Be Outside logo needed to have a unique, creative design that could stand alone on a t-shirt. We went with a modern looking logo of
mountains and trees to speak to all activities.

The first t-shirt was created to visually speak to people who like to camp. In Canada camping is available from Newfoundland to British Columbia and speaks to Canadians love of the outdoors. With the second T-shirt, we decided to focus on the iconic Bruce Trail of Ontario and a modern design to illustrate the trail from Tobermory to Queenston.

Project details

Client: Be Outside - Adventure Brand
Category: Logo Design & T-Shirt Design

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